Worksheet Properties

  • Add Row Settings
    Use this option to specify which filters must be set in order for new rows to be added to the Worksheet.

  • Hide Grid Lines
    Specifies whether to show cell borders in the grid or not.

  • Is Row Selector Visible
    Specifies whether the header / selector is visible or not.

  • Is Row Locking Enabled
    Specifies whether the user can toggle row locking on and off from the context menu.

  • Is Summary Row Enabled
    Specifies whether the summary row for the grid is enabled for end users.

  • Allow Sorting
    Specifies whether to allow users to sort the contents of the grid by clicking the column headers.

  • Inline Filtering
    Specifies which (if any) custom filtering options to provide to end users in the grid.

  • Allowed Input Level
    Use this option to specify the level at which the selected filter values must exist in order to enable editing of the Worksheet.

  • Context Menu Options

    • Select All

      Selects all rows and columns in the grid.

    • Export to Excel

      Exports the entire contents of the grid to Excel.

    • Copy

      Copies the selected cells to the application clipboard. To copy to the OS clipboard, use Ctrl+C.

    • Paste

      Pastes the contents of the application clipboard into the grid. To paste from the OS clipboard, use Ctrl+V.

    • Insert row

      Inserts a row above the right clicked row.

    • Insert row below

      Inserts a row below the right clicked row.

    • Distribute value

      Distributes a value to the selected cells, using the specified distribution method.

    • Factor multiplication

      Multiplies the selected cells by a factor.

    • Reverse distribute evenly

      Distributes the value of a cell evenly to the factors of its sum formula.

      For example, given the following formula @Total[] = @P01[] + @P02[], if you edit a cell in the Total column and do a reverse distribution, it will distribute the value evenly to P01 and P02.

    • Reverse distribute relatively

      Distributes the value of a cell relatively to the factors of its sum formula.

    • Edit or view comments

      Opens the comments dialog for the cell. This option is only available if comments are enabled for the underlying storage column.

    • View changes

      Opens the dialog that displays the changes made to a cell. This option is only available if Change Tracking is enbled for the underlying storage and storage column.

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