Custom Rows

How to add a Custom Row

We can add custom rows to the contents of the data grid by specifying the location relative to the actual rows loaded from the data source. To create a custom row, you need to specify the ObjectId manually.

The ObjectId must be unique for every custom row in the grid, and it must be a negative value starting at -1.

The row data is specified as a JSON object. Use the ADDROWFIRST, ADDROWLAST, ADDROWBEFORE, and ADDROWAFTER functions to add custom rows relative to the original rows of the data set.


Add a custom row as the last row of the grid which will show the sum of the column Amount:

The data grid has two visible columns, "ProductName" and "Amount"

1) Define the custom row:

AddRowLast({"ObjectId":-1, "ProductName":"Sum" });

2) Add a formula to calculate the sum of Amount (excluding the Sum cell):

@Amount[ObjectId == -1] = SUM(@Amount[ObjectId != -1]);