SetFieldValue function

SetFieldValue(targetObject : object, targetProperty : string, value : any | Eaze expression)

We use SetFieldValue(…) for setting a property of an object when an event is handled.



Specifies the object.


Specifies the name of the property that the new value should be assigned to.


Specifies the value to assign to the property. The value can be a hard coded value, a variable or a Eaze expression returns the value.


This example shows how to set the ProductID property of a new row being added to a Worksheet based on the value of a variable. When a new row is added, the ItemAdded event is raised. The object in context of the event is the new row. The instruction is set a Workbook ExecuteExpression action.

SetFieldValue(@Event.Data, "ProductID", _state.SelectedProductID);

Note that you can also set the value of the field using the following expression in an ExecuteExpression action:

@Event.Data.ProductID = _state.SelectedProductID;