SetEventData function

SetEventData(eventData : any)

We can call SetEventData(…) from the Raise Custom Event action in Subscreens. Calling SetEventData(…) let you explicitly set the event data passed to the event handler.


Below we have a few examples of how to call SetEventData(…) to pass a custom object as the event data to event handlers.

@Event.Data.MyProp in event handler will be “MyValue”.

SetEventData({"MyProp": "MyValue"});

@Event.Data in event handler will be 123.


@Event.Data in event handler will be whatever value _myVariable holds.


@Event.Data in event handler will be the selected value of the Department filter.

SetEventData(Filters("Filters", "Department").SelectedValue.Id);

Suppose the event is raised on a (spreadsheet) cell action click event, where the clicked row has a DepartmentID property @Event.Data.Code in event handler will be 42, @Event.Data.DepartmentID will be the department id of the row that was clicked.

SetEventData({"DepartmentID": @Event.Data.DepartmentID, "Code":42});