Popup(popupName : string | Eaze expression) : PopupCommandProxy

Returs an instance of a PopupCommandProxy that let you issue commands to the Popup with the specified name. The PopupCommandProxy contains the following methods:

SetCaption(caption : string)

Sets the caption of the Popup.


Popup("Popup1").SetCaption("My New Caption");

SetCaptionSuffix(suffix : string, whitespaceBetween : bool = true)

Adds a suffix to the base caption. The base caption is either the caption set in the configuration, or the caption by a call to SetCaption(…).


Resets the caption of the dialog to the caption specified in the configuration.


ClosePopup is used for closing a Popup (page). This function must be called from an ExecuteExpression Action. To close a popup, you have to provide its name.

ClosePopup(popupName : string | Eaze expression)


The «Details» page is being displayed as a popup named «My Popup».

To close the popup, use the following expression:

ClosePopup("My Popup");