Input Elements

Input Elements are similar to Form Elements, except they do not have a backend data binding (no LoadData and SaveData actions with SQL queries to handle the database serialization).


  • UpdateValue
    Used for setting the value of the Input Element. The value is set by assigning a value to the Input Element in the UpdateValue instructions list. To assign a value to an Input Element, you need to address the Input Element by name and set its .Value property.


If you have an Input Element called Input_CustomerName, you can update its value by using the following statement in the UpdateValue actions.

Input_CustomerName.Value = "customer name";


  • ValueChanged
    This event is raised when the value of an Input Element changes, either through user interaction or if its value is changed from a UpdateAction.


  • Step
    The step attribute specifies the legal number intervals for an < input > element. The step attribute works with the following input types: number, range, date, datetime, datetime-local, month, time, and week.
  • Tab Index
    Represents the tab order of the current element.