InVision supports adding Views to your Solution. The Views will be created in the database specified by the Storage Location of the closest ancestor Data Store Group of the view, or the Storage Location specified as the default Solution Storage.

When creating views, you have the option of using directives for addressing objects and properties in the Solution. When the View is created in the database, the directives are converted to standard SQL.

If your views are using directives addressing Solution content which is changing, you need to recreate the views when the content changes to update the materialized view in the database.



Template Deployment Behavior

Auto-Create during Template Deployment
Specifies whether a view should be automatically created during template deployment. Views depending on other views should not be auto-created during template deployment, because the internal dependencies are not automatically resolved.

This means that creating views that depend on other views during template deployment has a high risk of failing because there is a good chance that the dependencies do not already exist.

If you need to create views as part of a template deployment process, you should create a Data Flow that creates the view in the correct order, and then set up the Data Flow to execute at the end of the template deployment process.