Math / Trig Functions

ABS(x : number | <expression>)

Returns the absolute value of the argument.


ABS(-1) returns 1

ACOS(x : number | <expression>)

Returns the inverse consine of x.


ACOS(0.65) returns 0.863211

ASIN(x : number | <expression>)

Returns the inverse sine of x.


ASIN(0.65) returns 0.70758

ATAN2(x : number | <expression>, y : number | <expression>)

Returns the angle (in radians) from the x-axis to a point.

CEILING(x : number | <expression>)

Returns the x, rounded upwards to the nearest integer.

EXP(x : number | <expression>)

Returns E (the base of natural logarithms) to the power of x.

FLOOR(x : number | <expression>)

Returns x, rounded downward to the nearest integer.

LN(x : number | <expression>)

Returns the natural logarithm (base e) of x.

MOD(x : number | <expression>, y : number | <expression>)

Returns x modulus y.


Returns PI.

POW(x : number | <expression>, y : number | <expression>)

Returns x to the power of y.


Returns a pseudorandom number between 0 and 1.

ROUND(x : number | <expression>)

Returns x, rounded x to the nearest integer.

SIGN(x : number)

Returns the sign for the number xe. -1 for negative values. 1 for positive values.

SIN(x : number | <expression>)

Returns sin of x.

SQRT(x : number | <expression>)

Returns the square root of x.

SUM(…x : number | <expression>)

Returns the sum of the arguments.


SUM(1,2,3) returns 6.

TAN(x : number | <expression>)

Returns the tangent of an angle.


Returns the minium value of the Number type.


ATAN(x : number | <expression>) COS(x : number | <expression>) LOG(x : number | <expression>) LOG10(x : number | <expression>)