On-premise Installation

Installation on Application Server

  1. Make sure .NET 4.8 is installed on the application server.

  2. Set up an Azure Service Bus subscription.

    a) Ensure that port 443, 5671 and 5672 are open on the application server to enable communication with Microsoft Azure (*.servicebus.windows.net).

    b) Set up an Azure Service Bus Topic.

    • In the Shared Access Policy, enable Manage, Send and Listen

    • From the topic, copy the Primary Connection String. You will need it later when running the installation. It should be on the form Endpoint=sb://yoursubscription.servicebus.windows.net/;SharedAccessKeyName=SendListen;SharedAccessKey=YOUR_KEY=;EntityPath=YOUR_TOPIC

  3. Make sure Powershell version v5.1 or higher is installed.

  4. Make sure ASP.Net Core Hosting Bundle is installed.

  5. Install Profitbase Installation Manager 5.x.x.x. If it does not already exist on the app server, you can download it from here.

  6. Run Profitbase Installation Manager to install the software and database (see instructions below). During the installation, you need to provide the Azure Service Bus connection string and topic from step 2b.

Using Profitbase Installation Manager


Profitbase Installation Manager installs InVision instances into sub folders of its own installation path. Already installed instances are upgraded using Profitbase Installation Manager. The default installation path for the installation manager is

C:\Program Files (x86)\Profitbase Installation Manager

InVision instances will be installed in

[Installation Manager path]\InVision\[instance]

Setting up a new InVision instance

  1. Start the Profitbase Installation Manager

  2. In the Install new Instance tab, press Download and Install

  3. Configure the instance by configuring the following settings (see details below)

    • Instance Name
    • Website Name
    • Domain
    • Database Server
    • Service User
    • Service User Password
    • Azure Service Bus connection string
    • Azure Service Bus topic
  4. Provide the Azure Service Bus connection string and topic. You can find the topic at the end of the Azure Service Bus connection string.

  5. Press Validate input

  6. Press Install

Instance settings

During the installation process, you need to configure the following settings:

Instance Name

The name of the InVision instance. The instance name must be unique within the organization. The instance name affects:

Website Name

The IIS web site that the InVision web application will be created in. You can usually just use Default Web Site (which is the default value)

Website domain

The domain for the web site. This value should match the domain specified for the web site you have selected above.

Database server

The SQL Server instance name that the InVision database should be deployed to. The installer will deploy one database pr instance. The database will be named "pbInvision_[instanceName]"

Service user

The name of the domain user that should run the AppPool and Windows Services (Data Flow Task Manager and Data Flow Task Worker). The Service user account requires special permissions. See the “Service User Accounts” section below.

Service user password

The password for the service user account.

Azure Service Bus connection string

On the form


Azure Service Bus Topic

The name of the topic. Get it from the EntityPath token of the connection string.

Default ports

Note that the port numbers are incremented for each installed instance. The actual port used when installing an instance, is displayed in the Installation Manager.

Port NumberDescription
12311Used by the Data Flow Dispatcher service to accept job requests from the Data Flow Task Worker. (For example if the Worker invokes a Batch or Data Flow activity that requires load balancing).
12310Used by the Data Flow Task Worker service to accept job requests from the Data Flow Task Manager
12312Data Flow Scheduler

Firewall settings

The following table describes the application services requiring internet access.

External endpointPortService Description
https://store.profitbase.com/api/v1/443Download business modules
https://download.profitbase.com443Download new versions of the software
*.servicebus.windows.net5671Azure Service Bus endpoint (AMQP)
*.servicebus.windows.net5672Azure Service Bus endpoint (AMQP)

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