Run SQL Script from Workbook

To run a SQL Script from a Workbook, use the Execute SQL Script Workbook action found in the Action list (see image below). Run SQL Script from Workbook

1) Drag and drop the Execute SQL Script action onto the Actions list.
2) Optionally, add SetParamValue() instructions if the SQL Script is parameterized. You need one SetParamValue(...) pr sql parameter.
3) Finally, use the Execute(...) instruction to run the script.

Suppose we have a SQL Script named "DeleteCustomer" that we want to run from a Workbook.

DELETE FROM Customers WHERE CustomerID = @CustomerID
SELECT @CustomerID AS DeletedCustomerID

Use the SetParamValue(...) instruction to provide the customer id, and the Execute(...) instruction to specify the name of the SQL Script to run.

SetParamValue("@CustomerID", "Customer1");
_sqlScriptResponse = Execute("DeleteCustomer");

In the example above, the SQL Script returns a value that we store in the _sqlScriptResponse variable.
To access the value returned from the SQL Script in other Workbook component, use the Data property of the variable.


ShowToastNotification('Customer ID was ' + _sqlScriptResponse.Data.DeletedCustomerID);