PowerShell Package and Module References

You can add Modules and Packages as references to a script definition, to include code libraries in PS scripts.
When you execute a script, references will be installed if necessary, and be ready for use in the user part of the script.

These are high-level installation of packages from Microsoft’s PSGallery (https://www.powershellgallery.com/). Invision implements Install-Module and Import-Module commands for referenced Modules.

These are low-level and use e.g. the default NuGet as a provider for code packages. You can configure providers in the app config file. InVision implements Install-Package command if necessary for referenced Packages.

References are added from the PS Script Editor in Invision designer.

Reference Documentation

Source modes has 3 options:

  • References list - already referenced Modules and Packages,
  • Search PowerShell Module Gallery,
  • Search Packages.

Search modes show an edit field for search text. * is added to the end.

Reference Documentation

When items are returned from the search, images show the state as:

  • ‘Arrow down’ for reference in the open solution,
  • ‘Green check’ for already referenced in this script.

The right section of the page displays details, version selection, and available commands.

Reference Documentation

Commands are:

Adds a new reference with the selected/default version.

Updates existing references version.

Delete reference.