These functions use Powershell Scripts stored in InVision (not on the disk). Scripts can be addressed by their Name or their Id (contentId). This feature meets the need to execute a script without requiring access to the disk.

The following functions are obsolete and must be changed before upgrading to platform version 2022.4:


The following functions is available from platform version 2022.3+:

$results = [Profitbase.PS.PsScript]::ExecuteByName($scriptName, $parameters)

$results = [Profitbase.PS.PsScript]::ExecuteById($scriptId, $parameters)

Executes the PowerShell Script defined in the solution. The result will be of type PSDataCollection<PSObject>.


[Profitbase.PS.PsScript]::ExecuteByName('posh script with 2 params',
'Continue', 'my special output message.')