Step by Step Guide

Modify the PackageUpgradeTemplate:

  1. Set/check the the version attribute [PackageUpgrade("1.0.0","2.0.0")] in the V1ToV2Upgrader class in the V1ToV2 folder.
  2. Add/paste a .pbpck file (i.e. named V1ToV2.pbpck) into the V1ToV2 folder.
  3. Alt + click the .pbpck file to edit properties without opening the file.
  4. Set the "Build Action" property to "Embedded resource".
  5. Edit the packageheader.json to set valid metadata for the upgrade package file. The PackageId can be copied using Invision Designer.
  6. Right click project file and click Build in Release mode.
  7. Now you can find the .pckup file in the {ProjectPath}\bin\Release\net5.0 folder.