Create Package Upgrade using Visual Studio

This topic describes how to create a Package Upgrade using Visual Studio.

Project template and dotnet commands


Install the Project Template

If this is the first time you create a Package Upgrade on your machine, you need to install the project template.

dotnet new -i Profitbase.Invision.PackageUpgrade.Project

Create the project

Use the following command to create a new project. Choose a suitable name for your project instead of 'MyPackageUpgrade'.

dotnet new Profitbase.Invision.PackageUpgrade.Project -n MyPackageUpgrade

You can also create the project directly from File -> New -> Project in Visual Studio

Implement the project

  1. Open the .csproj-file using Visual Studio.
  2. Follow the steps in the README file


To show project templates that are installed using the CLI, the 'Show all .NET Core templates in the New project dialog' feature in Visual Studio must be enabled.

Open the Options dialog, go to Tools -> Options. Then go to Environment -> Preview Features and select the preview feature named 'Show all .NET Core templates in the New project dialog'.

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