Inherits from Editable Control.



Specifies the name of the List or SetModel that contains the items that is displayed to the user, or a binding to a collection in the Form Runtime.


Specifies the field of the List or SetModel member that is displayed to the user. This is usually a description or some sort of user friendly text. This property is ignored if you have specified an ItemTemplate.


Specifies the field of the Set Model member or List that holds the value to assign to the SelectedValue when the user selects an item in the list.


Optional. Specifies the binding to the field in a Model or custom object that the ValueMember should update.


Required. This property indicates which field in the ItemsSource that uniquely identifies an item in the ItemsSource.


A Function to call when the user has selected an item from the list. You can pass the selected item to the function using the special $Data keyword, or you can get the selected value from within the function from the object property bound to the SelectedValue property.


The ItemTemplate enables you to customize how you want each item in the listbox to be displayed, using all the available UI controls.

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