Data Source Properties


Key Column

This property only applies to dimensions. Specifies the column, which is the key column of the dimension. The Key Column must be specified for Time Dimensions but is set automatically by the system if the information is available. If you are using a Time Dimension not generated by Profitbase Studio, you need to manually set this property. Key Column information is also used as default suggestions for selecting join columns in Aggregate and Pivot Transforms.


SQL filter expression for filtering data imported from the data source. The expression will be part of a WHERE clause. When specifying a filter, you need to use the @Context.ObjectAlias keyword when addressing columns in the data source.

@Context.ObjectAlias.ProductID = 'ABC'

The filter is also applied to the contents of the dropdown lists for Worksheet columns bound to the dimension.

Data Load Options

Use Left Outer Join By default, dimensions and facts are joined using INNER JOINS when importing data to Data Stores. If you want to use LEFT OUTER JOINS instead, enable this feature.
Ignore Data Specifies that data should not be imported from the fact source. The option is primarily a debugging feature that lets you temporarily prevent importing data from one or more sources.
Don't aggregate Measures - Import Raw (No Sum / Group by) When importing data from a fact source, a COALESCE statement is applied to all measure column imports. If you want to import data to a Data Store exactly as it is in the source, you can enable this property to prevent the system to add COALESCE and aggregate functions to the import script. You can only enable this feature safely if no dimensions are bound to the Data Store.

Role Override

The UsageType property can be set for fact sources to "flex" their capabilities.
CoreSet By default, only dimensions can be members of the Core Set configuration. To allow fact sources to be members of the Core Set configuration, you need to enable this property.
Dimension By enabling this property, a fact source will be considered a dimension during data import.