You can assign shortcut key combinations to either execute a website function or set focus to a website element. InVison is equipped with a “hotkey” function.

For a supported feature, a property “Hotkey” is available, which opens the “Hotkey Editor” where the user can assign specific shortcut key combinations that would execute a function or set focus to the element.

How to set up a Hotkey in the Workbook

  • Open Hotkey Editor in the properties window for the chosen control
  • Write your key combination
  • press the OK button
  • save changes made to that object


Hotkeys in Form Schema

You can assign a hotkey to almost every control in the Form Schema, to do that use the Hotkey property.

<Input Hotkey="..."/>


built-in Hotkeys:

  • Ctrl+Alt+1: Show/hide left panel (if present)
  • Ctrl+Alt+2: Show/hide top panel (if present)
  • Ctrl+Alt+3: Show/hide right panel (if present)
  • Ctrl+Alt+F2: Exit datagrid and go to next element
  • Ctrl+Alt+X: Close currently open dialog with focus
  • Ctrl+Alt+O: Open Options dialog

F1 - Planner documentation


Top panel: