About Profitbase InVision

Intuitive web-based applications

InVision is a “Rapid Application Development” platform that lets you build flexible business solutions quickly and efficiently on a modern and robust technology stack. The platform includes rich standard components for developing everything from user interfaces to back-end functionality. This means that cost and time are greatly reduced when implementing projects.

Applications are built using the Profitbase InVision Designer and published to the organization as web applications requiring little or no training to use.

Prebuilt business modules can be downloaded and installed within minutes and then customized to meet the exact needs of the customer. Other business systems can easily integrate with Profitbase InVision through a RESTful Web API, or by connecting directly to the SQL data storage.

Profitbase InVision can be extended by building custom business modules using the Profitbase InVision Designer developer tool and Microsoft Visual Studio.


A solution contains all of the data and configuration for your application, such as business logic, data stores, workbooks, worksheets, data flows, workflows, etc.

InVision Modules

Clone Solution

You can easily clone entire Solutions from the Designer start page. Cloning a Solution will also copy input data from the source Solution, permissions, and Data Flow schedules. Note that objects in cloned Solutions are not automatically added to the Data Pool after the cloning has been completed. They will, however, be added to the Data Pool if the Data Pool Compound View is rebuilt. If you don’t want this to happen, you need to edit your newly cloned Solution and remove the Data Pool configuration from the objects that you don’t want as members of the Data Pool.

When creating a new Solution

Creating a new Solution requires specifying whether the Solution should provide contents to Work Process blueprints or not. This change was added because it was too easy to forget to set this property after a Package had been deployed.


The designer is the development tool for the InVision platform needed to create or modify solutions created on the InVision platform. The designer is a desktop application that is downloaded locally to your PC or server.

InVision Modules


Workbooks are the user interfaces for the applications created on the InVision platform.

InVision Modules